A virtual encyclopedia of pecan-related information is now available online – just in time for National Pecan Month (April).  The National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) has redesigned its website, ilovepecans.org, to educate culinary and health professionals, food technologists and the general public about the nutritional benefits, variety of uses and all-around great taste of pecans.  The new NPSA website features the Internet’s most comprehensive collection of data on pecan health studies –and explains in an easy-to-understand way the meaning of those studies.

Under the creative direction of Kellen Interactive, the redesign brings the site’s most valuable content to the surface.  The new site features, among other items:

  • A special section for health professionals and educators, featuring a detailed overview of the health benefits associated with eating pecans, a recap of all major health studies on pecans, a nutritional breakdown of pecans, and frequently asked questions about pecans;
  • A history of pecans and the pecan industry in the U.S.;
  • Recipes with complimentary, full-color photos (courtesy the Georgia Pecan Commission);
  • Information on National Pecan Month;
  • A section for food service and commercial users with technical information on using pecans as an ingredient; and
  • Contact information for companies that produce the world’s highest quality pecan products.

“As public awareness of the health benefits of pecans continues to rise, the new site will be a useful resource to consumers, health professionals and food industry professionals who want to learn more about these nutritious nuts,” said NPSA Executive Director Vickie Mabry.