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National Pecan Shellers Association

The National Pecan Shellers Association represents members of the pecan shelling and processing industry. Its purpose is to serve the best interests of industry members, its customers and consumers of its products through a Board of Directors and several committees. The Association represents members in public relations, legislative and regulatory issues. General membership meetings are held twice a year.

Day-to-day administration is managed by Kellen, an employee-owned global professional services and association management company with offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Brussels, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, New York and Washington, D.C.


Active and Affiliate

If your company is engaged in the pecan industry as a sheller, broker, accumulator, grower, processor or supplier of goods and services to these companies, you need to be a member of the National Pecan Shellers Association.

Membership consists of two categories: Active and Affiliate. Any individual, partnership, corporation or association engaged in shelling pecans, whose application is approved by the Board of Directors, may become an active member. Any individual, partnership, corporation or association not engaged in shelling pecans, but having an interest in the pecan shelling and processing industry, whose application is approved by the Board of Directors, may become an Affiliate member.

The Association features a tiered dues structure based on your company’s revenue. No matter how large or small your company, membership is as affordable as it is rewarding.

The Benefits of Membership

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We’ve tried to answer as many questions here as possible, but we realize that you may still have more before you sign up. Please don’t hesitate to contact NPSA with any questions or concerns regarding membership you may have and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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