Pecan Industry Plays Critical Supporting Role During COVID-19 Crisis

The pecan industry is hard at work helping to feed people in the U.S. and around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.  We produce a healthy, versatile product ideal for snacking and home cooking.  As this crisis forces people to rethink their typical meal plans, NPSA members are maintaining their operations to ensure consumers can still purchase pecans in grocery stores and online.

Pecan Industry Growth

The U.S. pecan industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation

With milestones like the National Pecan Shellers Association’s 75th Anniversary, to the launch of the American Pecan Council, plus new worldwide product demand; the industry is poised for tremendous growth.

Pecan Industry and Growing
Anniversary for the Association
Certified Heart-Healthy

Naturally Nutritious

Pecans are now more accessible than ever before

You’ll find pecans at your favorite grocery store, local farmer’s market, restaurants (like Wendy’s salads, Outback Steakhouse desserts) and delicious ice cream in flavors like Pralines ‘N Cream at Baskin Robbins (their #1 seller).

A Long History

NPSA Milestones

The National Pecan Shellers Association has a long history of supporting the pecan industry, dating back to 1943. The Association represents members of the pecan shelling and processing industry whose purpose is to generate awareness and sales of pecans.

Heart-healthy and Innovative Recipes

75th Anniversary Cookbook

The National Pecan Shellers Association’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook features 75 delicious heart-healthy and innovative recipes. Chef inspired recipes will guide you to quickly and easily make homemade dishes featuring pecans. So many choices: appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, drinks, and desserts.