Commercial & Foodservice Toolkit

In this Commercial & Foodservice Toolkit, you’ll discover interesting new ways to incorporate pecans into your operation for menu development. Learn creative ideas and interesting tips on handling; a pecan sizing chart; the history of pecans; and where to buy pecans. The National Pecan Shellers Association is proud to share this valuable information about pecans with the professionals in the commercial and foodservice industries. To download the full Toolkit click here

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Keith Schroeder will tell you, “Our business tends to struggle a bit when times are good and thrive when times are bad.”

“Folks have become so reliant on the grocery store for their everyday food items and foodservice is obviously taking a pretty significant beating. It’s good to see the restaurant world finally coming back from the challenges of COVID-19.”

CEO + Founder of High Road Craft Brands, Keith Schroeder launched his company a mere ten years ago. It has become one of America’s fastest growing ice cream manufacturers with multiple brands including the original High Road Craft Ice Cream line and expanded into new categories: Ciao Bella Gelato, Wallops (novelty products) and a brand inspired by regional Mexican cuisine called Helados La Neta.

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