Want to Learn More About Pecans?

Learn how pecans go from tree to table in this informative video, which also reviews about the origin and history of this native North American. Finally discover all the different forms of pecans and how they can be used in a multitude of foodservice applications.

Join Chef Chris Koetke and Registered Dietitian Diane Welland as they explore the culinary and nutritional value of pecans. In addition to learning about the many vitamins and minerals pecans provide, Chef Chris will also delve into the many culinary ways pecans can be used in plant-based meals.

Host Chef Chris Koetke looks at the culinary benefits of cooking and using pecans in savory dishes in the foodservice setting. Learn how pecans can add texture, as well as act as a binding, thickening or extending agent in seafood, meats, vegetables, salads and other recipes.

Commercial & Foodservice Toolkit

In this Commercial & Foodservice Toolkit, you’ll discover interesting new ways to incorporate pecans into your operation for menu development. Learn creative ideas and interesting tips on handling; a pecan sizing chart; the history of pecans; and where to buy pecans. The National Pecan Shellers Association is proud to share this valuable information about pecans with the professionals in the commercial and foodservice industries. To download the full Toolkit click here